Transform your life without moving home with a Stiltz Home Lift

At Mobility Scotland, our aim is to provide you with a home lift solution that suits your needs and requirements.

The Stiltz Home Lift is a real, through floor lift that’s specially designed to fit into your home. Available worldwide, it’s the first and only lift of its kind.

Developed to make your life easier, our lift helps you stay in your home when the stairs get too much. Our spacious and luxurious wheelchair lifts save on the cost and inconvenience of moving home, making our Home Lifts very cost-effective.

Unlike a stairlift, the Stiltz Home Lift carries two people comfortably, and you can even fit in a vacuum cleaner, and the family pet as well!

The Stiltz Lift is a totally unique through floor home lift and can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home.

With no hydraulics or load bearing walls required, these home lifts are powered by an intelligent electric motor drive system and dual rail supports – offering unrivalled flexibility in terms of placement.

The Stiltz Home Lifts range includes the Duo Lift that is an ideal alternative to a stairlift, the luxury Vista Lift which is totally clear and the Trio Lift – a wheelchair lift.

Stiltz home lifts are built to a high quality with the latest technology and fully compliant with all European safety standards. Call 0808 252 8920