Mobility Scotland Scooter products are all designed to enhance the daily living experience for individuals with widely differing needs, they are built to the highest standards in some of the world’s leading specialist manufacturing facilities.

Mobility Scotland’s partner only the best manufactures who have been enhancing individual’s mobility for over 4 decades.

With a range of easily dismantled car transportable boot scooters to the top of the range 8 MPH large modern scooters there is bound to be a scooter to meet your needs.

Making the right decision

A mobility scooter or powerchair can add so much value to daily living and independence. You don’t need to be confined to your home, reliant on family member, friends or neighbours, take the initiative and be more in control

Gain Independence      Be Self Sufficient     Take Control

Questions to Ask

  • Where do I want to use it? – Indoors – size of doors?
  • Outdoors – level or rough ground?
  • How far do I need or want to go?
  • Does it need to get it into a car?
  • Does it dismantle easily? Who will dismantle it?
  • Where will my vehicle be stored and charged?
  • Can I use it easily and safely?
  • Do I need it to be adapted for my particular comfort and safety?
  • Do I need special seating, backs, armrests, footrests?
  • Is there a clear indication of the amount of charge remaining?
  • Who will service my vehicle?


At Mobility Scotland we are keen to provide you with proper training to help you be in control and at ease with your new vehicle.

We will accompany you in and around your home, and out to your local area to enable you to feel confident so that you get the most pleasure and use from your vehicle

Battery care

Looking after and regularly charging your scooter will increase its reliability and reduce its running costs. You must always read your owner’s manual and take particular note about how to charge the batteries. Please be assured that the battery charging uses about the same electricity as a 100 watt light bulb, so it won’t cost you a fortune to charge.

Points to consider before BUYING

  • Is the company based near you with showrooms, servicing facilities, and on the road repair and service engineers?
  • Are they members of the British Healthcare Trades Association?
  • Can the company provide servicing and finance plans and information about comprehensive insurance?
  • Do you know the cost of call outs and in-home servicing?
  • Is the company able to provide other medical products you require?
  • Will the company provide details of another local approved repairer, when you are away on holiday in the U.K?